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Interrupting the Deadly Pain Cycle

Salinas chiropractic did much in the way of treatments that allowed me to break the deadly pain cycle my life was on. Unless you’ve had chronic, debilitating pain for much of your life, it’s probably not possible for you to understand how deadly such a condition can be. I could’ve lived with the injury I received years ago, which caused me some difficulty in walking, if only the pain had subsided. It never did. There were peaks and valleys to it, of course, but it was always there. It was just a dark, constant presence in my life.

I’m sure some academic has done research into the psychological effects constant pain can have on the mind and body. I know some people can’t take the pain and end up taking their own lives. I never got quite to that point, but I could see it happening in the future if I hadn’t taken the initiative and went to a chiropractor. Continue reading